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Food insecurity is a problem in Minnesota - Story

Food insecurity can arise from a number of circumstances.

(KMSP) - Food insecurity may sound like a strange term but it's a serious national issue.

In fact, an estimated 2 in 10 Minnesota families face the problem largely because it's rooted in stigma and shame.

You may even associate being hungry with living below the poverty line but that assumption alone proves the very stigma food insecurity stems from.

This largely overlooked issue has more to do with access than anything else.

To put the issue in perspective, one Minneapolis policeman came face-to-face with an 88-year-old Edina man facing food insecurity and fortunately the officer tackled it head on.

"He rear ended another vehicle at the stop sign, stop light. It was an accident," Fahey said referring to the crash at the intersection of 50th St. and Minnehaha Parkway.

"We ended up towing his vehicle. So we had to give him a ride home."

In the process, Fahey made a sad discovery.

"Once we got to his house we found out he didn't have food in his cupboard and nothing in his refrigerator."

Officer Fahey then went to the store, buy food for the man, along with lightbulbs, because the lights in his house weren't working.

In Minnesota the man's story is not unique. 20% of Minnesotans are in need of food and simply don't speak up.

"People are embarrassed to say I'm hungry can you help,"

Grant Boelter, Communications Manager with Metro Meals on Wheels, confirms the issue doesn't only hurt the poor. It hurts

"A lot of times what we hear is if I want meals I feel like I'm taking it away from someone who's more deserving and that's just not true. We have the capacity to serve more people," Boelter said.

The stigma is also a hurdle for other organizations who reach out to the aging.

"It becomes a pride thing," said Nancy Utoft, executive director of Senior Services Consortium of Ramsey County.

"If you can't get out you're isolated. A lot of people we don't realize their kids may be living in other parts of the country, or their friends have passed away."

The consortium offers meals,  transportation, caregiver support and other services for seniors.

Resources they want to make sure are utilized by those who need them.

"When you're in your 80s you can't call your buddy and say can you go shop for me. Your buddy is not driving either!"  exclaimed world-renowned chef Andrew Zimmern who's also working hard to tackle the issue of food insecurity.

Zimmern spent his Monday delivering meals to the elderly in Minnesota.

In a post on the Meals on Wheels Facebook page he affirmed what officer Fahey encountered people in need who are neither impoverished, addicts nor are they criminals.

The stigma's blinding influence is what Zimmern considers a true violation.

"How is it that we have hungry people in Minnesota? It's criminal I don't understand it."

Here is information about programs that can help the food insecure:

Right At Home:


Meals on Wheels:


Senior Services Consortium of Ramsey County



Fox News fans' disgusting defense of Planned Parenthood shooting

Black Friday has been known for good deals, long lines, and the perfect snapshot of American consumerism. While that may be the case, in Colorado Springs, Colorado Friday afternoon, no one was thinking about shopping.

Fox News


Shortly after 11:30 a.m. local time, a gunman made his way into a Planned Parenthood center and held those in attendance hostage. As the police made their way to the scene of the crime, a shootout began which lasted until the suspect was taken into custom around 4:30 p.m., nearly five hours after the standoff began. As of press time, eleven people have been taken to the hospital after suffering bullet wounds, with three of them killed, including one police officer. As viewed on the Fox News Facebook page on Nov. 27, a large number of fans of the network's page came to the defense of the shooting, while also posting controversial comments about the women's health organization.

"Let the anti-gun pro-abortion, -Muslim anti-white, libtarded rhetoric begin," one member wrote. "Well, there is a LOT of killings there ordinarily - because it's Planned Parenthood, the nations #1 provider of abortions!" another member posted to the page. Others showed no sympathy for those injured and the lives that were lost, not endorsing the shooter, but bypassing the suspect's actions and attacking the organization.

"I don't and won't shed a tear for anyone who works for planned parenthood. The entire organization should be shut down. They operate as a farce to help with women's health issues, but in reality only find legal ways murder unborn children."

Other posts hinted at a possible left-wing conspiracy, using the shooting as a way to push a liberal agenda. "How convenient that this happened. It gives Muslim sympathizers ammunition to use about "white right wing Christian terrorists" and Muslims not being the only terrorists. They will use it even if his motive had nothing to do with Planned Parenthood murdering babies."

It's unknown whether or not Planned Parenthood was a direct target, as conflicting reports have noted that the shooting possibly started at a bank, and ended at the woman's health care clinic. The suspect has been described as a "stocky, bearded white male wearing a trench coat," but his identity has not been released.


Different Food Habits Of India


India is known for the variety of itsde delicious delicacieslicious delicacies, its innumerable spices and delicious mouth-watering flavours. Food and the different ways of preparing those dishes have dominated Indian houses since many decades. It is said that an Indian woman spends most of her time in the kitchen to prepare food and various dishes for her family.

India is a vast country and it has different food habits in the every corner of the world. This food habits are evolved due to the different food availability and climate of the region. Different kinds of oils are used in different region also. In the northern and eastern side mostly mustard oil or desi ghee is used. In the west, the people make their cuisines with the cotton seed oil or groundnut oil. The sesame seed oil which is also known as gingelly oil is used in Maharashtra and the people of southern region are more into coconut oil.

With time and tide many different innovations has discovered and people has changed their taste. Everyone loves to taste the food from every corner of the world. Nowadays in a single state you can find not only various cuisines of India but you can also get to taste Italian food, Chinese food, Thai Food, Continental food, and many other variants from different parts of the world.

India has an amazing assortment of vegetables and fruits which helps in adding flavor to the food. In different regions the vegetables are prepared with different seasonings and spices. Generally North Indians prepare food with a base of onions, garlic, gingers and tomatoes which add a tangy flavor to the food. In eastern side fish is quite famous and people love to gorge upon fish and rice in every time they eat. There are different kinds of fishes available in the market and every fish is prepared in a unique way.

In south India, you can see a different style and speciality. The dishes have a smell of coconut in every dish as they are prepared with coconut oil or they contain grated coconut in it. The dishes are light. They also use curry leaves are many of their dishes to bring a taste.

If you go to different region, you will taste different kind of dish. This country has many flavors which are found all over the world. You can taste these with ease and enjoy the meal.

About the Author:

In India, you can come across various food habits in different region. Because of the climate and availability of the food products, one can get different foods. With the time, you can see the foods of different regions catered all over India and people can enjoy the taste easily.

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